Introducing the art of hand made carpets was started as a business by Mr. MOBARAK ALI in 1935 in small town of INDIA named BHADOHI, which is still being carried by us the third generation as carpets manufacturers and exporters.


MOBARAK ALI & SON is well known for style, quality and value; we excel at new and innovative designs and constructions. Vertically integrated, our designers and weavers continue to create the most fashion forward patterns, colors and textures for today’s market, and skilled workers gives ultimate beauty to the woven rugs by there efficiency of perfect finishing . All our rug designs are handmade. No child labor is used in the manufacturing of our rugs. We work diligently with our artisans to ensure a strict set of standards, ethics and practices are followed.

The business house is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of hand made rugs and carpets serving for years and years as an established business having high and low quality of products with attractive eye catching color combinations and designs with perfect weaving quality.

We have been supplying products mentioned in our catalog to various countries and have satisfied our customers with our best supply and services.